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I woke up feeling strangely awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin. As much as I would have like to kid myself, I knew no emotion comes unprecedented. There must’ve been something that triggered it which caused me to experience these negative vibes.
The past night I had an odd dream of my childhood. It revolved around me feeling largely out of place and widely rejected by family and friends. There was a rebellion of sorts and lots of unpleasantness.
Now that was it. Initially when I woke up I didn’t quite remember what it was I had dreamed, but now it was obvious to me what was going on. My subconscious had taken over and decided to explore the previously unexplored. I was rather reluctant but a part of me actually welcomed the opportunity to do what was clearly necessary.
I liked my present life and saw no reason to mess it up by opening old wounds. But my subconscious knew better; it was vital for my self-growth to revisit the past and do some digging. False ideas and painful experiences were hindering me from fully accepting myself. Now was the time to allow myself to live peacefully.
Our subconscious mind has a way of letting us know, often via dreams, what is really going on in our brain. What issues need to be resolved and what we truly want out of life. As a matter of fact our intuition arises from our subconscious mind. By listening to what it has to say we can go about obtaining what we want and growing in many powerful ways.
My dream had started me on a lifelong journey, one that can be difficult but  is incredibly rewarding!

So dream on… Because you never know…

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